Woodruff - Galium odoratum - Organic dried tea herb - FREE SHIPPING

Woodruff - Galium odoratum - Organic dried tea herb - FREE SHIPPING

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Institute for Plant Research "Dr. Josif Pancic", Belgrade.
100% Organic and natural!

Sweet woodruff benefits:

1. Medicinal Benefits
Sweet woodruff is a contains anthraquinone and its derivatives thus larvicidal, anti-oxidizing, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-viral in nature.

Researchers agree that sweet woodruff can be used for treating several diseases and disorders such as; heart irregularities, kidney problem, varicose veins, indigestion, swelling, liver disorder, migraine, uterine cramps, insomnia and menopausal problems. It can also be taken for the preventing and curing lung infections and gallbladder disorders. Sweet woodruff can also be taken to strengthen weak veins as well as to enhance normal blood circulation.

2. Fragrance Purpose
Due to the aromatic smell of the sweet woodruff, this flowers and leaves are used as fragrance for homes, offices etc. Besides, sweet woodruff can be added to medicines to boost their taste and flavor.

3. Repellent Purposes
The sweet woodruff can be dried and stored in clothing, linens and bedding in order to wade off insects and moths. It is a perfect fragrance for making perfumes.

4. Culinary Purposes
Sweet woodruff is used for sweetening food, juice, jam, wines, beers, jelly, soft drinks, tea and ice cream etc. It can also be used as a food colorant.

5. Treatment of Cuts and Wounds
Squeezed sweet woodruff leaves contain tannin thus can be pressed on bruises, wounds and cuts to stop bleeding and for faster healing.

6. Antiarthritic Properties
Studies reveal that the sweet woodruff anti-arthritic in nature thus has the capability of preventing and relieving arthritic symptoms.

7. Bactericidal Properties
Sweet woodruff is a bactericide that can act as a disinfectant and antiseptic thus capable of killing bacteria and inhibiting the growth of microorganism.

8. Tranquilizer
Dried leaves of sweet woodruff can be used for preparing herbal tea and decoctions that can act as a tranquilizer. However, it is noteworthy that taking this in large quantity can lead to vomiting and dizziness.

9. Anticoagulant
Sweet woodruff is an anticoagulant due to the presence of the coumarin chemical in it.

10. Blood Purifier
Studies reveal that the sweet woodruff can be used for purifying the blood.

11. Relaxation of the Nervous System
It can used for preparing herbal medicines that helps to relax and strengthen the nervous system.

12. Treatment of Cold and Chest Congestion
Sweet woodruff can be decocted and taken to loosen chest congestion, cold and cough.

13. Textile Dyeing
Sweet woodruff contains purpurin, anthraquinone and alizarin which makes it suitable for dyeing textiles, clothing and paintings.

14. Laxative Properties
Sweet woodruff is an excellent laxative.

15. Sweet Woodruff Warning
Sweet woodruff contains the coumarin chemical that generates the sweet scent and fragrance of this plant, however studies reveal that very high doses of this chemical is quite toxic thus should be minimally used.

Steep 2 teaspoons of dried leaves in 1 cup of boiled water and cover it for 15 minutes. Your tea is ready.

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