Wood Betony tea benefits the brain, as well as the digestive and respiratory systems. Wood Betony herb is used in a successful treatment of headaches, muscle tightness, and high blood pressure.

Digestive system

Wood betony is effective with stomach cramps (as it stimulates and cleanse digestive system) and gastritis, as well as treating diarrhea (very small doses are used, as in large it gives laxative effect).

Brain booster

It helps with memory problems and lack of concentration.

Menstrual cycle

It helps with PMS and menstrual cramps and pains.


If you have mouth ulcers, gum inflammations or a sore throat then gargling with betony tincture will do wonders.

Muscle and nerve pain

Wood betony is wonderful for stiff necks, sore and tight muscles, muscles cramps, and any time you have muscle pain as well as neuralgia. It has also been used to effectively treat nerve pain from diabetic problems and the pain associated with shingles as well as facial nerve pain. It is also an excellent remedy for chronic rheumatism.

Wonderful for Headaches

Wood betony works wonders for tension headaches.

Stress and Anxiety

Its sedative properties are used for calming down emotional tension and treating anxiety and stress (it also strengthens the nervous system of the body), promotes good sleep, helps with nervous disorders and depression.

Skin Rashes

Wood betony also works well as a topical anti-inflammatory agent for skin rashes, mouth sores and other mucosal inflammations.


Wood betony is a good diuretic making it great for improving urine flow and helping to detox the body, as well as aid all kidney and bladder problems, ranging from kidney and bladder stones, infections, inflammation etc.

Respiratory System

Wood betony also relaxes the smooth muscles of bronchi thus opening up the lungs, helping you to breathe - great for asthma and bronchitis. It is also very helpful with nasal congestion and pain in facial region due to sinusitis

Liver Function

Wood betony has also been used to detox the liver and improve liver function which aid in overall functioning of the body.

Lowers Blood Pressure

A study in Russia showed that wood betony has the ability to lower blood pressure over a period of time.

Put a teaspoon of wood betony into a 200ml cup of boiled water.Cover it and let it steep for 10 minutes.Strain and drink a cup 2-3 times per day.

Wood betony works best slowly, and it will probably take a month of continuous use to see its effect.

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Wood Betony or Stachys officinalis is a part of the mint family. It grows in Europe, China, Asia, India, and even in the US. It loves grassy plains and it has beautiful purple flowers making it a beautiful and common companion in the gardens.

Wood betony has been used successfully for hundreds of years. In fact in Italy there is an old saying: “Sell your coat and buy betony.” And down through history wood betony has been used for treating just about anything… and it works great!

Wood Betony tincture is very safe and effective for headaches, muscle aches, tension, stress, for skin rashes, for respiratory system and others. It has a slow and mild effect that accumulates over time. Most people want something that works right now, but that is not always a good way to go… slow and easy is great for our stressed out life styles.