Rich in vitamins and minerals, winter savory is commonly used to treat such ailments as gastrointestinal upset, headaches, and cough. Winter Savory has been documented as a treatment for nausea, diarrhea, and intestinal problems. Sources have also listed winter savory as a treatment for muscle cramps and indigestion. Considered an antibacterial agent, winter savory has been used to treat digestive upset, gas, menstrual disorders, congestion, and cough.

Winter savory (Satureia montana) is more bitter than summer savory and therefore not used as commonly in the culinary world. Winter savory is dark, shiny green in color. When it is called to action in the kitchen, winter savory is commonly used to spice white sauces, potato salads, and mushrooms.

Common Names: Genus: Satureja.

Preparation / Dosage

Put a teaspoon of winter savory into a 200ml cup of boiled water. Cover it and let it brew for 10 minutes. Strain and drink a cup three times per day.

Anti-septic and Anti-fungal

The leaves of savory have been found to contain such medicinal essential volatile oils as carvacrol and thymol. Thymol is an anti-septic and anti-fungal agent, making it a great way to fight and prevent the spread of fungal infections. Carvacrol, meanwhile, is an antibacterial agent, effective in fighting such bacterial strains as Bacillus cereus and E coli.

Vitamins and Minerals

Rich in vitamins and minerals, savory has been found to help keep the body up and running. Savory contains potassium, which is essential to moderating blood pressure and keeping the heart healthy. The iron content in savory encourages the development of blood cells, while zinc and vitamin C helps boost the immune systems.

Prebiotic and Rich in Fiber

Savory is a source of dietary fiber. It’s important to get enough fiber to keep your digestive system running smoothly. Fiber is also essential to helping reduce bad LDL cholesterol while helping to boost good HDL cholesterol. Fiber is also an important prebiotic that helps nurture good gut flora.

Digestive Aid

When consumed as a tea, savory can help calm digestive upset, headaches, and sore throat. Due to its antiseptic properties, drinking savory tea may help improve the functioning of the liver and kidneys.

Fights Inflammation

In its concentrated oil form, the powerful medicinal effects of savory oil may help treat rheumatism, gout, headaches, and nausea.


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