Purple Loosestrife tincture has a history of being used for gastroenteritis, dysentery, ulcers, liver problems, fevers, constipation, and typhus- a sometimes fatal bacterial infection that causes flu-like symptoms, rash, and brain inflammation. An infusion of the herb was gargled and swished for sores in the mouth and throat. Culpeper preferred purple loosestrife over eyebright for treating the eyes. He claimed that it “...cleanses and heals all foul ulcers whatsoever, by washing them with the water, or laying on them a green leaf or two in summer, or dry leaves in winter. This water, when warmed and used as a gargle, or even drunk sometimes, cures the quinsy, or king’s evil of the throat (peritonsillar abscess). The said water applied warm takes away spots, marks and scabs in the skin; and a little of it drunk, quenches extraordinary thirst.”

Purple loosestrife was originally planted as an ornamental for its showy purple flower spikes and hardy, clumping habit. This herbaceous perennial quickly escaped garden cultivation and can now be found growing in wetter soils where water meets land such as margins of lakes, soggy drainage ditches, marshy areas, fens, floodplains, bogs, wetlands, and disturbed areas left to go wild again (which is where I met this plant for the first time). It can also tolerate drier growing conditions, but in a wet, sunny, open meadow it can form large drifts or stands, becoming a monocrop. It is now listed as a highly invasive plant in much of the eastern US. Some states even go so far as to make it illegal to plant, sell, or even possess purple loosestrife.

  • Extraction Ratio : 1/4
  • Ingredients: Organic grain alcohol, distilled water,and organic herb.
  • Alcohol Volume: 30%

Preparation / Dosage

Dosage: 20-30 drops, 3 times a day.

Anti Oxidant

The flower is famous as a good anti oxidant source. It will help to avoid the free radical effect due to air pollution around us. Furthermore, it can fight the UV light effect into the skin. This is the same health benefits of black tea and lemon that can help as a natural anti oxidant too.

Anti Inflammatory

Another advantage of using a tincture of the flower is including to help as an anti inflammatory. Therefore, it is suitable to reduce the sore throat pain and any inflammation effects. Furthermore, usually it can soothe the swollen inflame area and help for a fasten inflammation recovery.

Anti Aging

As the flower is a good anti oxidant, it is also a good way to manage as an anti aging. Therefore, the loosestrife is another choice to deal with wrinkles and finelines. Furthermore, it can help to keep a younger appearance in face and body.

Anti Cancer

Consume the extract tea of the flowers also believe can help as a natural anti cancer. Mainly for skin cancer and uterine cancer. However, this benefit shall need further research to prove that the flower will help to avoid the possibility of worst cancer growth in human body.

Anti Diabetic

Another health benefits of purple loosestrife is also to help as an anti diabetic. This will help to reduce the blood sugar level and maintain the sugar level for diabetic persons. Therefore, it is a good way to manage diabetic and avoid high blood sugar raise up. This is the same jackfruit benefits for diabetes that can help to avoid diabetic too.

Anti Dermatitis

The extract of the flower believe can help with various dermatitis symptoms. This can work effectively to cure any acne in the skin surface or any eczema that irritating the skin. Therefore, it is a good way to manage a healthy skin condition and soothe any dermatitis diseases.

Anti Ulcerous

Consuming tincture can help to bring a healthy ulcerous. Therefore, it is a good natural treatment for people with ulcerous problems. Furthermore, apply the extract oil to the ulcerous can help to soothe down the pain and irritation. This is the same health benefits of mushroom that can help to deal with ulcerous symptoms too.

Anti Diarrheic

Another benefits of the flowers including as an anti diarrheic and to treat various digestive problems. Therefore, it is one of the good solutions to avoid the possibility of upset stomach or avoid heartburn. It can improve intestinal movements and help with better nutrient absorption. Furthermore, it can bring an optimal digestive metabolism to help soothe the diarrheic symptoms.


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