Lady’s Bedstraw is extensively used in folk medicine for treating swollen ankles. It is also associated with the treatment of many skin related conditions. The herb helps to solve complaints of poor healing wounds. It also helps in reducing bleeding. It is used by some to detoxify the body. Some beleive that the herb helps in cleansing the colon. Due to its diuretic effects, it is also associated with the treatment of kidney and bladder irritation.Other common conditions that can be solved using this herb include – epilepsy, loss of appetite, respiratory infections, sexual dysfunction and spasms.

Lady’s bedstraw or as many people call it yellow bedstraw is a common herb which is known to belong to the Rubiaceae family of plants. Scientifically called as ‘galium verum’ this herb is known to grow up to a height of three feet. It is known to contain yellow coloured flowers which are usually 2-3mm in length. It contains rectangular stem and is known to have smell similar to that found in honey.

Preparation / Dosage

Sprinkle one teaspoon of lady's bedstraw (3-4 g) with 150 ml boiling water. Cover the court and leave it standing for 10 minutes. Treat and drink two to three cups of hot tea per day.

Helps Maintain Kidney Health

One of the prime uses of this herb includes improving as well as maintaining the health of kidneys. It helps in dissolving kidney stones and hence at the same time tends to be effective in cleaning it of any toxins.

Is known to have diuretic properties

This herb is known to stimulate urination and hence tends to be effective in removing any toxins out of the body.

Helps in maintaining the health of skin

Extract of this herb when applied topically has been known to be effective in treating issue such as rashes and skin allergies.

Helps in Curing urinary issues

This herb has been known to be effective in treating disease related to urinary tract. Also kill bacteria in the intestine and can at the same time remove issues such as intestinal ulcers.


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