Used as Expectorant

The flowers and roots of this herb are an expectorant and can be used in treating symptoms of flu, coughs and common cold. It is also used as a home remedy for whooping cough in Europe. The roots of this plant are known to promote sweating which makes them suitable to be used for feverish colds, nasal congestion and flu.

Used for Treating Arthritic Joints

Cowslip root tincture is useful in treating painful arthritic joints.

Provide Treatment for Insomnia

Cowslip root tincture is used for treating insomnia, anxiety and over excitement.

Rich in Salicylates

The roots of cowslip contain salicylates which have action similar to aspirin.

Cowslip root tincture is most commonly used for swollen nose and throat and bronchitis. It is also used for trouble sleeping, headache, muscle spasms, heart failure and many other conditions.

Cowslip is a herb that grows throughout the temperate zones of Asia and Europe. It is used both in fresh and dry forms and consists of amazing medicinal properties. It is a small plant consisting of sweet smelling yellow flowers with orange dots in them. It also consists of small rhizome from which the thick short roots arise which end in a bud. This plant is harvested in the spring season.

In combination with gentian root, European elder flower and verbena cowslip is commonly used for maintaining healthy sinuses and treating swollen and painful sinuses caused by a viral infection (sinusitis).

  • Extraction Ratio : 1/4
  • Ingredients: Organic grain alcohol, distilled water,and organic herb.
  • Alcohol Volume: 30%

Preparation & Dosage

Dosage: 20-30 drops, 3 times a day.


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