For Colds

Cowslip was often referenced as a cardiac tonic, for colds and wound treatment. Cowslip tincture has a relaxing effect on bronchial airways and mucous, so it is a suitable remedy to relieve coughing during cold season. It is particularly useful to relieve age-related coughing, a nagging cough resulting from a weaker heart, causing fluid to build-up in the lungs.

Used as an expectorant

The flowers and roots of this herb are an expectorant and can be used in treating symptoms of flu, coughs and common cold. It is also used as a home remedy for whooping cough in Europe. The flowers of this plant are known to promote sweating which makes them suitable to be used for feverish colds, nasal congestion and flu.

For Anxiety and Depression

Cowslip tincture dispels negative emotional states associated with traumas, depression and sadness. It intensifies the feelings of love, balances the inner being, and improves focusing power and concentration.

For Insomnia

For those having trouble sleeping or falling asleep, it's best to use this tincture just before going to sleep.

Detox for Rheumatism and Arthritis

Cowslip tincture helps to detox and cleanse the toxic elements responsible for rheumatism and arthritis. Mixing it with other herbs increases the detoxification effect.

Cowslip flower tincture can be used as an alternative medicine for bronchitis, insomnia, sore and swollen nose. It has been used for centuries to make sedative tea. Cowslip is rich in calcium, potassium, sodium, Vitamin C, Beta-carotene, salicylic acid, enzymes, and flavonoids.

William Shakespeare was so taken by the beauty and benefit of cowslip that he immortalized it no less than 8 times throughout his plays. It has been used for centuries to make sedative tea.

“Where the bee sucks, there suck I. In a cowslip’s bell I lie.” —William Shakespeare, The Tempest, act 5, scene 1

Other Common Names: Cowslip primrose, key flower, key of heaven, palsywort, fairy cups, primrose.

  • Extraction Ratio : 1/4
  • Ingredients: Organic grain alcohol, distilled water,and organic herb.
  • Alcohol Volume: 30%

Preparation & Dosage

Dosage: 20-30 drops, 3 times a day.


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