The most notable health benefits of basil tea include its ability to stimulate oral health, detoxify the body, help regulate diabetic symptoms, and relieve stress, among others.

Also known as Saint Joseph’s wort, basil is a member of the mint family, Lamiaceae, and is native to tropical regions in India, Asia, and Africa. It contains a variety of constituents with a surprising range of benefits, including estragole, eugenol, rosmarinic acid, and geraniol, among others. Fresh tulsi or holy basil leaves have a strong smell and scent, with notes of pepper and mint, as well as a small taste of anise.

Basil tea is an herbal tea that is brewed with the dried leaves of the basil plant. The term basil incorporates a number of different subspecies, although they are all scientifically known as Ocimum basilicum. The herb has been in use for thousands of years, and originates in Asia and India, although it spread to Europe and the Mediterranean regions long ago. The different variations of this herb can produce different flavors, which can affect your tea, but look for something called sweet basil, as this is the most common type used in this beverage.

Preparation / Dosage

Put a teaspoon of basil into a 200ml cup of boiled water. Cover it and let it brew for 15 minutes. Strain and drink a cup three times per day, between meals.

Skin Care

Basil is packed with antioxidants like camphene and other volatile compounds that can reduce inflammation and improve the overall health of the skin. With fewer free radicals causing problems, your skin will look younger, free of wrinkles and age spots.

Oral Health

Many people chew on basil leaves because there are natural antibacterial and antiviral properties in them, but the same can be enjoyed with the tea, preventing the infections that cause halitosis and other oral diseases.


Extensive research has been done on the effects of basil on diabetes, more specifically, its effect on the regulation of blood sugar and glucose in the body. Regular consumption of this tea can help to keep your diabetic symptoms under control.


Basil is also a natural painkiller, and can quickly relieve the discomfort and inflammation associated with wounds and illness, while also helping to prevent those injuries from becoming infected.

Immune System

As mentioned, basil tea is packed with compounds that can help you prevent viral and bacterial infections, thus giving your immune system a needed break and extra support.


When it comes to relieving stress, this earthy and soothing tea can assist in lowering stress hormone levels, and also aid those who struggle with sleep. This can be good for your cardiovascular system, as well as your metabolism and mental health.


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