Anise seed - Aniseed - Organic dried tea herb - FREE SHIPPING

Anise seed - Aniseed - Organic dried tea herb - FREE SHIPPING

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Institute for Plant Research "Dr. Josif Pancic", Belgrade.
100% Organic and natural!

Benefits of Aniseed (Pimpinella anisum):

Anise is used for upset stomach, intestinal gas, “runny nose,” and as an expectorant to increase productive cough, as a diuretic to increase urine flow, and as an appetite stimulant. Women use anise to increase milk flow when nursing, start menstruation, treat menstrual discomfort or pain, ease childbirth, and increase sex drive. Men use anise to treat symptoms of “male menopause.” Other uses include treatment ofseizures, nicotine dependence, trouble sleeping (insomnia), asthma, andconstipation.

Some people apply anise directly to the skin to treat licescabies, and psoriasis.

In foods, anise is used as a flavoring agent. It has a sweet, aromatic taste that resembles the taste of black licorice. It is commonly used in alcohols and liqueurs, such as anisette and ouzo. Anise is also used in dairy products, gelatins, meats, candies, and breath fresheners.

In manufacturing, anise is often used as a fragrance in soap, creams, perfumes, and sachets.

Steep 1 teaspoon of dried herb in 1 cup of boiled water and cover it for 10-15 minutes. Your tea is ready.

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